Zx Spectrum +2 +2a +2b +3 Atari 2-in-1 Extension Joystick Converter Adapter

£13.99 £12.99

Our brand new super value Converter with free 1.5M extension just these atari extensions alone retail at £6.95! it converts port 1 or 2 of your Spectrum +2 Grey and Spectrum +2/3 black only to atari / c64 standard from the amstrad standard wiring(amstrad changed the joystick ports on these models after acquiring sinclair in 1986) 

the converter with extension will allow you to use a better array of joysticks like the wico joysticks,competition pro and the even better zipstick and now it will even reach your big tv! just choose Sinclair as your joystick type or remap buttons to 6789 and 0 (for port 1) on redefine keys on option on your game to use your joystick! 

the unit comes with a branded sticker on each unit 1 year warranty on each unit

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