This is a nes style 1 button gamepad controller for your Spectrum


Re-wired for the ZX Spectrum 16k/48k/+ 128k / 128k Grey / +2a/+2b/+3 and comes
with a generous 1.5m cable


It is wired for Sinclair Joystick Compatible Standard and plugs directly into the Grey128k /+2a/+2b/+3 with the 9-pin plug


will only work on other Spectrum 16k/48k/48k+machines with a compatible sinclair joystick standard interface, like the interface 2


simply run any game and choose 'sinclair joystick' 

Button B and Button A are usable as your fire button, select and start buttons are not wired

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Not all games work well if controls are re-defined with keys such as chuckie egg which does not support joysticks, some games may also work better with joysticks, but must games are simply better with gamepads!


Game Pad Joystick Controller 16k/48k/+/2a/2b/128k