Imagine receiving a joystick converter that works but you can't use it ?

this is what happens to a surprising amount of users who buy converters
The TED chip inside your Commodore PLUS 4/ Commodore 16, it is believed is susceptible to high current or static electricity.
over time this has the effect of burning the latches preventing normal joystick converters and c16 joysticks from
functioning properly, you will never know this and your machine will behave normally in every other way
Our solution was to create a switchable joystick converter that has two modes, full mode and compatible mode.
In full mode, the joystick converter is switched so it will work fully using a working TED making it the most compatible
with almost all C16 games ,if this mode doesn't work with your C16/plus 4 meaning your TED isn't working properly
you simply flick the switch inside the unit to compatibility mode and the joystick converter will still work with about 9 out of 10 games. 
the converter converts port 1 or 2 to Atari / C64 / Amiga standard 
the converter will allow you to use a better array of joysticks like the Wico joysticks,
Competition Pro and the even better Zipstick, it does not support devices that use power to add more buttons
such as Sega Gamepads
FYI we are 8bit enthusiasts and we test using our own machines! 
We use exceptionally high quality cabling for connecting the 2 ends together and each unit is tested on a real plus 4 or commodore 16 in-house on both ports 1 and 2
you can read more about the commodore c16 ports here:
article is written by Levente Hársfalvi


1 year warranty on each unit


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