This is a brand new Amiga CD32 power supply


This supply provides the following 

5v 2.2a 

12v 2a 


Power supply has Over-voltage, Over-current, and Short-circuit Protection and runs cool and should provide protection for your Amiga CD32 for many years to come

This version requires a Power lead for wall or C7 (figure radio type lead) which is not included
cable length actually 0.7metres (shown is longer)

Power supply occasionally may vary from from picture  due to supplier availability


1 year Warranty!

Amiga CD32 Power Supply Adapter Brand New

Colour: Black
  • 12 months warranty


    it provides the following
    5v 2a (+2 +3 need only 1.8 amps)
    12v 2a (Spectrum +2 only needs 0.2a and Spectrum +3 needed 0.7a only)
    also provided a UK kettle plug, an eu converter or US converter can easily found if you are abroad and is switchable for 110v-240v
  • 30 days