9th Bit innovations present 
Mp3Ti MP3 Game Player for Ti-99 !
EU, USA and Canada buyers welcome. 
Working with any Ti-99, It Plays files supplied* directly back into the Ti-99 First time Every time on one volume ! 
*please note to run all the games you will need extended basic and 32k ram expansion
Includes many rare and once popular commercial games and that are converted to run at one volume 
on the player 
many more games will be released in the coming weeks on a great value game pack
comes with 69 Games ! extended basic and 32k expansion is needed for the once commercial titles, 
22 simple games provided will work on any Ti99 
32 once commercial games with 32k and extended basic, 
15 with extended basic only 

Games for all Ti-99's

* Challenge of Camelot *City Bomber * Forklift * Goblin * Golf *Horserace * Il Frutetto * Krung 3 * Ladders adders * Maze of Grog  * Moonvasion * Mouse in a maze * Nerm of Bemer * Nibbler * Poker * Same Colors *Skeeters Skeeters and more Skeeters * Slots * Space Station * Stanley Snake * Type Invaders * Yellowsub

*Games for unexpanded Ti-99 with Extended basic cartridge

Alien Buster * Billy Ball to the Rescue * Calimari Carl * Flip Flap * Frogger * Giant and Dwarves * Jungler *Kerbonk *  Missile Wars * Moon Driver * Noteworthy * Nut-z * Omega Mania * Slicks * Stardust * Tutankhamens Tomb  * Wyvern

**Abandonware Commercial Games for 32k expanded machine with extended basic cartridge

Alpiner  * Astrowars * Bandit * Barrage * Berlin * Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom  * Carwars * * Chisholm Trail * Crossfire * Defender *Demon Attack  * Espial * Fathom * Football * Hopper * TI Invaders * Jumpman Junior * Killer Cat * Meteor Belt * The Mine * Moonbase * Moon mine *     Moon Patrol * Munchman * Pacman * Parsec * Popeye * Video Games 1 * Zero Zap *


Comes with an 8 page manual with full instructions and game table to get every game working.
Mp3Ti player at introductory price
1x optional Ti-99 Cable also will work with your tape deck if you need a new one!
1x 8 page manual

Ti-99 Mp3Ti Player -Game Player for Ti-99 with 69 games.Not finalgrom flashrom

  • due to the nature on preparing the devcie, please note this item has a MINIMUM 5 day preparation plus delivery time as each unit is prepared