This is a new Power Supply for Commodore 16 model only with a Commodore C16 joystick advanced converter included at half price to give you access to the great commodore 64/Atari/Amiga joystick range


It provides 100% compatibility with original unit

1 amp power supplies might be ok but is near the limit of Commodore 16, so adding internal 64k ram upgrade and other upgrade will put more pressure on internal components.


Our power supply comes with 2amps and of course will give you all the power you ever need


Original Commodore 16 power supplies, (apart from being over 30 years old of course) usually are around 14 volts and use the internal rectifier to channel them down to make them 9 volts, this of course makes your machine run hotter and with the power supply already being 30 years old it can only to help to swap it out with a modern lighter alternative 


we may ocassionally use a 3amp power supply should there be a stock shortage of the 2amp supplies
(at no extra cost to you)


you will  need a uk to EU or US converter to fit over this item if buying from abroad

returns available if item unused in original condition


This is NOT for Commodore Plus 4 or any other model


all products sold to europe and the rest of the world do not include import fees that may be charged by your own country, please bear this is mind before ordering any items

Commodore 16 Power supply 2 amp and Joystick converter bundle

  • 12 months warranty  we are now using 3amps
    returns available if item unused in original condition
    This is NOT for spectrum grey/black +2/+2a/+2b/+3 models
  • 30 days