Based on our very successful 16k/48k/+ version of the ZXMP3 player (find your version in our shop!)
We are proud to present the 
ZX Mp3 Player for Sinclair ZX Spectrum Grey 128k/+2a+2a version ! with 250 games
we have also added a wonderful collection of 70x  128k only titles 
NO modification is needed to your Spectrum Grey 128k / +2a/+2b!
This Spectrum ZXPlayer is a perfect modern replacement for playback of classic zx spectrum titles in the simplest
way possible
Works with any fully working ZX spectrum 128k +2a / 2b black models / and grey model
be advised, your tape player must be working, if it doesnt fast forward or rewind that is ok! but play, stop and eject must be working
to load a game its very simple! 
plug in new cassette adapter in to your +2 tape recorder > press play on tape recorder > plug in mp3 player with supplied lead from adapter > load the game!
 just choose the file you want to play and wait for it to load, it will work first time every time
includes 250 popular games that you all loved in the 80's
and that have been specially converted to run at on our player
 ZXmp3Player v2 at introductory price comes with 
1x Cassette Adapter with 3.5mm cable
250games on flash ram on device
1  quick start guide

Mp3 Player for ZX Spectrum +2/+2A/2B 250 games inc.70x 128k games FREE CRASH PDF

  • I am for the original spectrum 16k/48k/+ models only for spectrum +2/3 please look at our in house modifications