2 x Dragon 32 Digital Joystick Converter Adapters
The Drago32 A brand-new joystick adapter cable, allowing standard 9 pin 1-button Atari-compatible digital joysticks to be used on the non-standard ports of the Dragon 32/64
The design uses 4066 IC CMOS Quad Bilateral Switch and is wired onto
a PCB using high quality solder board it is finished with proper moulded end from an atari extension
joystick cable with the other end, a high quality 5 pin metal end for your Dragon32/64 and 
presented in a quality enclosure.
The Dragojoy is made exclusively by ourselves in the UK and is not available elsewhere
These are made to order and there is around 3 day build time although ocassionally we may build up stock and this will be reflected in the dispatch time being reduced to 1 day.


This is a dual pack you will receive 2 joystick adapters

Dual DragoJoy Dragon 32 Dragon 64 Joystick Converters

  • due to the nature on preparing the device, please note this item has a MINIMUM 5 day preparation plus delivery time as each unit is prepared