Drago32 MP3 Player for Dragon 32 ! with 200 games Not DIVMMC with 200 games 

This Mp3 Player is a perfect modern replacement for playback of classic Dragon 32 titles without a tape recorder

The item pictured is dark grey, we have this item in metallic light purple, black , dark grey and silver, we regret that we cannot take requests for each colour and we will send what we have stocked, please consider this before purchase


Works with any fully working Dragon 32

 Just choose the file you want to play and wait for it to load, it will work first time every time, no annoying tone or volume controls like on your old tape recorder!


includes 200 popular games that you all loved in the 80's

and that have been specially converted to run at on our player



1x Drago32 Mp3 Player at introductory price comes with 

1x Dragon 32 compatible tape ear cable or use your own ear cable from your tape deck

200 games on flash ram on device

1  quick start guide

Drago32 - Dragon 32 - MP3 player with 200 great games not Coco SDC

  • due to the nature on preparing the device, please note this item has a MINIMUM 5 day preparation plus delivery time as each unit is prepared