BBC Micro / Electron / BBC Master / RGB Active Converter Box to HDMI TV 
Looking for the best possible BBC Micro Image Quality Look no further.
Why do you need RGB?
RGB is the best quality picture you can have on your BBC Micro and creates the ultimate enjoyment experience
of any 8-bit machine
Just now you have either an aerial cable for your BBC or a composite converter from your BNC connector
on the back and are looking for a better picture
Our solution
Our Solution is to cut out the guess work and disappointment and provide a super quality RGB Scart cable, properly connected then provide a Frame for Frame conversion Box which means that the RGB signal goes properly from your BBC
to a Active HDMI Converter which goes straight to any modern TV with RGB in 1080p with a HDMI Connection.
Simple as 1-2-3
1. Plug the BBC Scart cable in to the Converter Box
2. Plug in the power to the Converter Box
3. Plug in the provided HDMI cable to your HDMI TV or Monitor!
4. optional choose your output quality 720p/1080p by pressing 720p/1080p button on the back
Whats in the BOX
1 x Quality RGB to SCART RGB Cable
1 x Quality MaxDigi 1 Metre HDMI Cable
1 x 5V Power supply


all products sold to europe and the rest of the world do not include import fees that may be charged by your own country, please bear this is mind before ordering any items


BBC Micro B/ Master /Electron RGB Hdmi Converter Cable Solution Free HDMI Cable