Amiga Gotek Flash FLoppy Floppy V3.34 Factory Screen 4gb Memory Stick Software Collection


*Instant booting on A500/600/1200/3000/4000 


*4gb USB Memory, Contains 100 games and Demos with plenty of space left for your own collection


*Oled Display


*Rotary Encoder for file selection

*Instruction Manual with Illustrations for beginners


*Easy to use just plug this instead of your internal floppy and you are go! but everything including plugging in explained in instructions!


*Unrivalled 48 month warranty on this device!


We have this device without memory stick and without screen or encoder, if you would like a cheaper version, just message us for prices
and we will sort it!


Bear in mind some demos/games require fast ram / or expanded memory or different kickstart versions. OCS / ECS collection only
contact us for an ultimate collection!

Bear in mind no workbench or kickstart images included!

Amiga Gotek Flash Floppy 3.34 Screen * Encoder * 4GB USB*

Colour: Light Grey
  • 12 months warranty

    220v-240v only NOT for USA/Canada

  • 30 days