This is a high quality 90W Amiga A500 A600 A1200 super high capacity power supply
This supply provides the following 
5v 18a 
12v 8a 
-12 0.5a
Brand new PSU Cable Length to Amiga, Finished with a brand new Amiga Connector and power switch loom
Cable length approx 1m
This is for any Amiga 500 600 or 1200 and is super high capacity and has been comprehensively tested with many different expanded amigas, including 68060 processor boards with multiple hard drives
These Power Supplies are refurbished but all come with a 12 month used warranty, may have marks here and there but all are in good cosmetic condition
Power supply has Over-voltage on 5v line, Over-current, and Short-circuit Protection and runs cool and should provide protection for your Amiga for many years to come
This version requires a kettle style Power lead which is not included
Power supply type may occasionally may vary from from picture  due to supplier availability
1 year Warranty!

Amiga High Capacity Power Supply 90w with power switch

Colour: Black
  • 12 months warranty

    220v-240v only NOT for USA/Canada

  • 30 days